Crowne – Zoysia

A coarse-textured vegetatively produced zoysia developed for the hot dry summers of the southern mid-west.

Crowne - Zoysia

Crowne Zoyiagrass is an aggressive, dark green, course textured lawn grass. It is best suited for use as a warm-season turfgrass for golf course roughs, home lawns, industrial parks and highway right-of-ways throughout the central mid-western states. Crowne is noted for its tolerance to drought, cold weather and its rapid recuperative ability.

Crowne Zoysia Performance
  • Excellent Tolerance to Temperature Extremes
  • Excellent Tolerance to Drought Conditions
  • Excellent Cold Weather Hardiness
  • Excellent Shade Tolerance
  • Tendency to Scalp
  • Rapid Establishment and Recuperative