Tips for the summer season.



It's peak time for mowing, and a regular session on the lawnmower should be part of the weekly routine. If it's unusually dry, however, don't forget to raise the height of the cut to stop the lawn from getting stressed. Light raking before the cut can also help ensure an even cut. If the weather is hot and dry, water the lawn on a regular basis.


Between the school holidays and the barbecues, don't forget to mow your lawn at least once a week! If weeds are a problem, you may treat for weeds. However, please follow instructions on our care sheet and take into account the heat..


As the summer holidays drag on, keep up the plan of action from August. If your lawn is showing loss of color then use a liquid 'green up' fertilizer. If it's been a particularly hot summer, then a good soaking for your lawn is better than 'little and often'. Not only will it be easier for you, it'll also encourage the roots to grow deeper.